What is a Cookie?

Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user's device when visiting a web page. The main objective is to recognize the user whenever he accesses the website, also allowing to improve the quality and offer a better use of the site. Briefly: they aim to simplify your navigation in Motorestrela Lda. Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet; these do not damage the user's equipment / device and, if they are activated in the configuration of your browser, they help to identify and resolve possible errors in the operation of the website.

Use of cookies

When accessing the site, the user expressly accepts the use of this type of Cookies on their devices. If you disable Cookies, your navigation on the website may not be optimized and some of the features available on the website may not work correctly. Specifically, Motorestrela Lda uses Cookies for the purposes set out below. If, in the future, Motorestrela Lda uses others for the purpose of granting more and better services, the user will be duly informed of this.

Cookies used

Cookies created by Motorestrela Lda for the purpose of browsing the website, optimizing and personalizing the services. These have different purposes. Some are necessary to ensure the usability of our website. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. These allow the user to access the main features of our website (for example: the use of the shopping cart or access to your account). Without these cookies, our website cannot function normally. These cookies are created by Motorestrela Lda and only concern the functioning of our website.

01. date_add - The date and time the cookie was created (YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format).

02. id_lang - Information of the chosen language. 03. id_currency - Information of the chosen currency.

04. last_visited_category - Information about the last category visited and products viewed.

05. ajax_blockcart_display - Checks whether the shopping cart is visible or hidden.

06. viewed - Recently viewed products.

07. id_wishlist - Information of the products chosen as favorites.

08. checkedTOS - Keeps track of whether the customer has accepted the terms and conditions (1 indicates yes 0 means no)

09. id_guest - Creates an ID for a store visitor when he has not entered the store.

10. id_connections - The connection ID of the visitor's current session.

11. id_customer - Identifies the customer when he enters the store.

12. customer_lastname - Information about the customer's surname.

13. customer_firstname - Information about the customer's name.

14. logged - Checks whether the customer entered the store or not.

15. passwd - Uses an MD5 hash of _COOKIE_KEY_ and the customer's password to enter the store.

16. email - Registers the email address that was used by the customer when he entered the store.

17. id_cart - Creates an ID for the shopping cart when it is shown.

18. checksum - It is used to verify that the cookie has been modified by a third party. If the checksum does not match, the cookie is deleted.

Advertising cookies 

These are the cookies used to display advertisements or send information tailored to the user's interests on our website or outside of our website while browsing the Internet. They are used to limit the number of times an ad is viewed and help to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies are mainly third-party cookies and depend mainly on advertising agencies.

Cookies and social media plug-ins (social buttons)

These social cookies are intended to allow users to share pages and content through third party social networks. They also allow you to segment the advertising offer on social networks. Our website also uses plug-ins or social buttons. Social plug-ins make it possible to facilitate the sharing of pages and content from the https://motorestrela.pt website on the various social platforms. For example, they allow the user to like ("like") and share information about our site with their friends on social networks. For this, plug-ins use cookies to track users' browsing, whether they are users of these platforms or not, and to check whether or not they are connected to the social network while browsing. These cookies also allow you to target advertising offers on these platforms. For more information on the use of personal data in relation to social networks, the privacy policies of the social networks of third parties in question can be consulted.

Cookies and machine identifiers to protect transactions

During an order, Motorestrela Lda or its service providers acting on their behalf, may create cookies or collect information about the user's device, including information (technical attributes) necessary for the recognition of the equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone) with the purpose of protecting transactions (preventing fraud risks).

User configuration to avoid cookies

In accordance with current legislation, we provide information that allows the user to configure their browser to manage and maintain their privacy and security in relation to Cookies. Therefore, we provide information and links to the official support sites of the main browsers so that the user can decide whether or not to accept the use of Cookies. The cookie settings can be changed in the browser preferences, following the indications in the links:

Internet Explorer

For more information about cookies, including to know which cookies have been installed and how they can be managed and deleted, the user can access www.allaboutcookies.org. If the user does not want his visits to websites to be detected by Google Analytics, he should go to  http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

It should be understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if he continues to browse this page without first deactivating it.

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